Education is the key to success


A basic human desire is for their children to do better than they did

That wish seems to get harder to fulfill every year. Some even say the American Dream is dead. The Dream is alive an well, we just have to fight harder to achieve it. We have to be vigilant and not let the broken school system do our job for us. When my son was in second grade he was a B student. But I could tell that he lacked the skills he should have. I pulled him from Fairfax Co. schools and sent him to a Christian school for a year. They moved him back a grade and taught him what he needed to know. With the basic skills in place, he was successful throughout school and is now managing a network engineering team. He was mad at me for a year, but now he admits it was the best thing I ever did for him. It is the parent's job to make the hard choices and not be fooled by inflated grades. Test your student to see if they are really where they should be. And if he or she needs help, DO NOT WAIT. Tutoring can fill the gaps and build the strong foundation your student needs.


Is the most important gift you can give your child

By the time your student reaches high school it is usually too late. The basic skills learned in elementary school are the basis for all future educational success. Unfortunately, too many schools pass students on to the next grade before they master the skills taught in the grade they are in. Since the concepts build step-by-step, this leads to an inability to master the new material. It is a self-perperuating cycle that sets kids up for failure. Poor performance leads to poor attitude and a feeling of "why even try."


The education system is turning learning into a drudgery

Prepare for the test. Take the test. Review the test. When I first started teaching, there was one "high-stakes" test per year. Now there are eight ot more! The amount of paper work imposed on teachers has multiplied expodentially. All that takes away from the core function of teaching and the kids (and the teachers) pay the price. Most teachers want to do the best for their students, but the sad fact is that they are prohibited from doing so. Ask your student's teacher whether he or she is teaching to "mastery" and they will admit that they can't. I call it "drive by education." Teachers touch on everything the students need -- and some of the students get everything. Unfortunately, the majority do not. I know, I've been there. I worked longer hours than any teacher I knew. I spent more time devising interesting and exciting lessons. That is why my classes did better than the entire rest of the school every year. No brag, just fact. However, the late nights and weekends did a number on my health and I was forced to take disability. I can no longer handle full-time teaching, but I can bring my experience and the lessons I learned to your student. Let me help your student like I have helped countless others. Just because I am retired doesn't mean I am ready for pasture. Teaching is my vocation. I teach because I love it. And teachers who love teaching create students who love learning.

Give your student the gift of opportunity. What do you have to lose (a few dollars) vs. what your student has to gain (a lifetime of success)?